Heronsgate – Nearing Completion!!

Heronsgate, London  – Construction progress nearing completion.

New pipe work in place and Live Connections almost complete. Final commissioning and testing of the New Infrastructure to be completed by end of May – Old Pump chambers can the be decommissioned and our client Affinity Water will have a brand new state of the art Pumping facility feeding North to Boxted and Cholesbury Regions.

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Scatterburn Project!

Flood Alleviation works nearing completion at Scatterburn project, Aberdeen.



Audit Success!

Well Done to all involved in the upgrading of our ISO Certifications.

Certified to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 standards.

The audit was a great success!!

Congratulations!!  Great Work & Team Effort!

Williamstown Community Development!!

Williamstown tidy towns committee approached Cleantech Civils for contribution, to aid the committees good work in the local area.
Cleantech were working on a new pipelaying project which would cause considerable distruption through Williamstown.
Cleantech were happy to contribute to the committee as they were very forth coming and agreeable giving the disruption caused to businesses and town in general by the pipelaying process.


CSO repairs and remote sensor installation

#Cleantech were engaged through their Rural Framework with Scottish Water to complete installation of remote sensing
telemetry, internal weir repairs and cleaning to a combined sewer overflow (CSO) located in the garden of a residential
property. The works involved confined space entry to gain access to complete the repair and cleaning works.
The telemetry sensor was installed and commissioned within the CSO chamber with the control and telemetry system being
located in a Haldo Pillar installed on the footpath. All works were completed on schedule.


Upgrade Work Continues!!

Upgrade work continues, with the new floor slab poured to the Sludge Holding Tank!

Concrete Structure Completed with a New Cast Insitu Concrete Selector Tank Channel.

Poured & Finished in harsh weather conditions!!!


Water Treatment Plant – Watertightness Test

Water Treatment Plant

New concrete reservoir at Water Treatment Plant has successfully passed the watertightness test.

Quantity of Water: 1,200m3



Selector Tank Construction at Waste water Treatment works

Sequence of construction leading to the completion and 7-day testing period of the Selector tank.

  • Stage 1: Installation of temporary works as per the approved design complete with rescue system complied of Davit Arm, rescue stretcher, gas monitors and 10 minute breathing Apparatus kits.
  • Stage 2: Excavation of the earthworks and construction of the 8m x 4m base slab c/w 150mm kickers.
  • Stage 3: Erection of the approved temporary works as per the design for the 3m high tank walls c/w 2 no. cast in-situ 500mm diameter DI pipes.
  • Stage 4: Following the 18m3 concrete pour and curing time, the shutters were stripped and tie-bar sleeves grouted in preparation for the 7 day testing period as per CESWI 7th edition. The total allowable drop in water level is 10mm or 1/500 tank depth, which equated to 6mm for Cleantech.
  • Stage 5: Testing, the Selector tank underwent a 7-day testing period after being filled with water. The entire tank was covered to prevent any rainfall entering and the water level was monitored and recorded daily. The tank passed the test with a drop of 3mm in total.
  • Stage 6: Backfilling around the perimeter of the tank was then 80 % completed and the perimeter secured off awaiting the construction of the new PST-ASF channel adjacent to it.#CleantechCivils #CivilEngineering #Construction #SelectorTank #TestPeriod

Successful completion of #Aghada 220kV Power Generating Station Reconfiguration

Successful completion of #Aghada 220kV Power Generating Station Reconfiguration.  This substation is considered, to be one of Ireland’s most important generation and transmission stations, due to the number generators connected to the station and the number and voltage of the circuits connected.

Works involved in the Reconfiguration of Aghada included

  • #Construction of a new 5 .0 m wide and approximately 150m long on plan access road to the station;
  • Construction on the new F9 wing coupler bay, consisting of 5 pairs of bases for the new steelwork support supporting the 200 mm tubular busbar;
  • Construction of a new single storey control building (32m x 8.2m) with a flat roof and a 1.6 m high masonry parapet wall, including new storm water drainage with soak away and new foul drainage system;
  • Replacement of the existing chainlink fence around the whole station with a new 2.6 m high palisade fence;
  • Construction of approx. 35 concrete bases to support circuit breakers, 18m high lighting monopoles, control and protection kiosks etc.
  • Construction of new concrete/block work block ducts. Overall length of new ducting is approx. 475m long

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Seasons Greetings!!