Our Services

Water & Waste Water

For the past half century, we at Cleantech Civils specialise in the installation, maintenance, and rehabilitation of HDPE and Ductile Iron Pipe for the Water & Wastewater Industry. Specialist services include: electrofusion, butt fusion welding, swabbing, testing, chlorination, de-chlorination, and commissioning for projects throughout Ireland, Scotland and the United Kingdom.

Power & Telecoms

We have conducted work on numerous live electrical environments over the last two decades. We have established new and innovative methods for installing fibre-optic telecommunications cables and power simultaneously. The works we have undertaken include the construction of substation buildings, piling, construction of plinths, transformer bases, bunded walls, ducting, hard landscaping and fencing.

Flood Defence

Flood water damage is devastating. Whether it’s flash flooding from heavy rain, rising rivers, sewer overflow or storm surge, the effect on buildings and business can be catastrophic. Our specialised experience in this sector has improved various areas from further damage / erosion.

Transport Networks

Since 1999 the Cleantech Civils has developed expanded capabilities for constructing roadways through difficult geological terrain. We specialise particularly in resolving problems caused by soft soil and the removal of obstacles using a broad range of specialist excavation equipment.

Leisure & Amenties

The Cleantech Civils has been contracted to install a number of recreational amenities. These facilities have ranged from Global Geoparks, forestry amenities, areas of geological & archaeological heritage, interpretive buildings, car parking facilities, specialised signage and artworks. Through these varied projects we have gained vast knowledge surrounding species protection, management of invasive species, conservation and ecological sustainability.

Turnkey Construction

Over the past two decades we have amassed an impressive portfolio of industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical, power and housing projects. Throughout this period, we have evolved by offering specialist contractor services including: site surveys and design.

Renewable Energy

We have been engaged as the main civil works contractor for the construction of numerous onshore wind farm projects. During the course of our work, we have installed facilities to generate 480MW of power.

Landfill Management

The Cleantech Civils have been awarded a number of major waste management projects. We have vast experience in the construction and management of live landfill projects, through the formation of new cells, tying into existing cells and various capping projects.

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